Friday, December 31, 2010

[SOLD] Kodak Brownie Special Six-16 Camera

Item(s): 1. Kodak Brownie Special Six-16 Trapezoid Camera

Package includes: 1. Kodak Brownie Special Six-16 Trapezoid Camera & softcopy manual (will email)

Price: rm280

Warranty: none

Dealing method: TT to Maybank / Free Courier Delivery in Msia / COD

Location of seller: KL/Puchong

Contact method/details: Email : fairsales@gmail(dot)com / lomolaysia@gmail(dot)com / sms : o12-31921o3

Age of item: Introduced in Sept 1938, Discontinued: July 1942

Item(s) conditions: Nice, clean, light wear throughout. Appears to be complete. Shutter fires. Cool! (Sell AS-IS)

Production in the year of sept 1938 to july 1942.Six-16 Brownie Special is a strange camera because it has a trapezoid body,
like an iron!.Lens & shutter are typical for this type of camera : meniscus lens and rotative shutter. Only two speeds : [I]
nstaneous and Pause [cool.gif. The focussing is done by selecting one of the two ranges of distance offered : "6 to 15 feets" and
"above 15 feets".The shutter release located on the top of the camera can be locked in order to avoid unexpected snapshot. On
the other side is the film advance wheel. The camera has, on the left hand, a folding stand used to position the camera
vertically (due to a rectangular format). Film format is 616.